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Hi, I'm Hector Marin

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This beautiful city became my home when I became a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz four years ago. I graduated in 2021 amidst a global pandemic with a degree in Politics and Sociology. Coming from a family of migrants taught me that community is important, and that community power can be translated to political power. My experiences as a community organizer, renter, and a service worker allows me to understand the policy-driven solutions that prioritizes all of the issues we face as a community. I founded several organizations that researched and analyzed housing policies.


My involvement with the community brought data-driven education and grassroots mobilization to care for the working class and the community members living in poverty. I also helped support union workers at AFSCME-3299 by educating them on their right to unionize and worker solidarity. I will use these experiences to work with Downtown small businesses to find federal and state pandemic recovery funds as well as protect their small businesses from unfair corporate competition. I believe that when we come together, we can resolve the cost of living crisis, and develop a greener and sustainable Santa Cruz that is equitable and represents all.


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